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An Innovative External Agent for Healing of Wounds Without Pain

About Powderaid®

Powderaid® is a new wound-healing formula comprising existing sulfa and chitosan agents.

Powderaid® does not rely on the antibacterial properties of the sulfa agents, but instead draws on the fact that sulfa agents create an acidic environment that inhibits growth of bacteria by "Inhibitory Action on Carbonic Anhydrase" to antibacterial the wound, making Powderaid® a new solution to antimicrobial resistance.

Powderaid® can be used by simply sprinkling onto the affected area. The synergistic effect of the two agents enables Powderaid® to be effective in the process of wound healing.

Efficacy of Powderaid®

Effective on diseases of the skin and mucous membranes (excluding eyes) such as external wounds, ulcers, decubital ulcers and burns. Also demonstrates analgesic, hemostatic, protective and regeneration effects on the affected area.

Powderaid® Treatment Examples

We have obtained over 1,000 positive results from tests on small animals.
At our clinic, we treat wounds with Powderaid® after surgery to prevent infection and scarring. Powderaid® can heal wounds faster and cleaner with analgesic and anti-bacterial effects.

Ex1) Dog: Hemostasis and Regeneration of the Gum
Tooth extraction was carried out due to a penetrating crack. Day1: Powderaid® was applied onto the affected area to stop bleeding. The cavity was then filled with Powderaid®. Day2: Regeneration of the gum was observed, and the deep cavity had been closed up.

Ex2) Cat: Wound-healing and Hair Growth
An infected bite wound had caused disintegration of the skin, with damage reaching the muscle layer. The wound was cleansed with a suspension of Powderaid®, then treated with Powderaid® once a day. Day20: Regeneration of the skin and hair growth were observed simultaneously. Powderaid® was applied once a day. Day44: The wound had healed completely. Hair in the original color was restored.

Ex3) Cat: Wound-healing and Skin Regeneration
While it was missing, the cat had been injured by an unknown cause. 147 days had passed since it had undergone wrapping treatment at another clinic. 132days after starting Powderaid® treatment. 7 months after starting Powderaid® treatment.

Development of Powderaid®

Discovery the synergistic effects of sulfa and chitosan

In the 1990s, Dr. Yoshiko Sonoo, the director of this clinic, discovered through daily practice that sulfa not only has a remarkable tissue regeneration effect but also hemostatic and analgesic effects when applied as an external agent. She then succeeded in producing Powderaid®, a combination of sulfa and chitosan, and has confirmed its synergistic effects in over 1000 clinical cases since 2009.

2014: Joint research with Keio University School of Medicine

Dr. Sonoo started a joint research under Prof. Hideyuki Saya at the Institute for Advanced Medical Research, Keio University, in order to apply Powderaid®, which had demonstrated good results on animals, to humans.

This research has been registered as one of the seeds of the “Translational Research Network Program” of the Keio University Clinical and Translational Research Center. The Drug Discovery Support Network has also helped to develop Powderaid® into a medicine that is beneficial to both humans and animals.

2015: Acquisition of 2 patents (Patent No.5766379 and Patent No.5815774)

Wound healing and hair growth effects

2018: Acquisition of a patent in the USA (Patent No:US10,172,975,R2)

Wound healing effects

2019: Acquisition of a patent in the Europe (Patent No:3111920)

Hair growth effects
Applicable countries: English, French, German

Potential of Powderaid®

Powderaid's basic safety is already verified as both sulfa and chitosan are existing medicines. In addition, we have obtained over 1000 positive results from tests on small animals.

As a cheap and easy wound-healing agent, Powder aid will become an innovative medicine that is beneficial to both people and animals.

At our clinic, Powderaid® is also used for cancer treatment and has proved to maintain good conditions. We hope that Powderaid® will heal all animals suffering from various wounds including persistent ones.

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